Change This One Thing About Yourself to Accomplish Anything

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“Success is born out of luck. It’s awareness of mind that takes advantage of that opportunity. You will all be confronted with opportunity. You must take advantage of it. Because if you don’t take advantage of your opportunity, you will never realize your dreams. Whether you want them or not – is irrelevance. You don’t know that until you achieve it.” – Marco Pierre White (World Renown 3-Star Michelin Chef)

Why do we always want to do something, yet never do it? We say things like:

“I would, but…”

“Yeah, I know what to do…”

“I should do it…”

Yet, most of the time, we never do.

The answer is in our biology. We are innately designed to be complacent and rest on what we know.

That means if we want to get something done, we can’t push ourselves to do something, we have to COMPEL ourselves to do something. 

William’s Push-Pull Framework

The reality is that our goals are simply too weak. Example:

Let’s say you’re trying to make some extra money. What is our natural response when thinking of this?

“I will make $1,000 more this month.”

Honestly, that’s pretty boring. But, totally normal and common. 

“Well ok William, what about if we raise that amount? Try this on for size…”

“I will make $10,000 more this month.”

WOW – that is amazing. But … is it really?

In our minds, we just added a couple more zeros to our original goal. It doesn’t solidify in our heads what that actually entails.

This is what I call the “push”.

You’re “pushing” yourself to complete a task. It’s a constant up-hill battle as you grind yourself to dust, as you inch your way, bit-by-bit, to your end destination, which rarely comes.

This simply does not work, because again we are designed to enjoy complacency. Bluntly put, working sucks.

Instead, we adopt the “pull” mindset. We create a vision that is so irresistible that we feel compelled, or pulled to do get it done. Example:

“I want to make enough money this month so I can go to the beach in 6 months, enjoy expensive wine and a medium-rare steak, with all of the sides, and sleep in a high-rise condo with the window open and sea breeze flowing in.”

Now THAT’S a goal.

Notice how our vision doesn’t involve technical details, like I will make $50k this year.

Does that really sound exciting? Now, of course the goal sounds badass. And it is.

But it doesn’t register on a subconscious level with us. It’s not something we can relate to immediately. We have to go deeper and be more descriptive so that our brains can relate.

By going into greater detail that we can relate to, something that we can taste/smell/see, the more real it becomes and spurs us to take action in the present.

We are turning the crap mentality, like working and sledging around like a tired zombie, and making into an activity that’s fun, something playful and light, like throwing a Frisbee. We are changing our approach.

It’s kind of like watching a football game. You can watch it on TV, or watch it at the stadium. They both equal the same thing – you watching the game. But you are doing them in completely different experiences which create 2 drastically different emotions.

What goal are you trying to push, instead of pull? List them below and let’s work it out together.

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