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Artist Spotlight – Andre Jonson

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Andre Jonson is a man of culture, talent, and wisdom. Growing up in Queens, New York, Andre is the adopted son of Rock and Roll legend Lester Chambers of the legendary Chamber Brothers. What did he do differently? Having been mentored by Legendary Record Producer David Rubinson (Herbie Hancock, Santana) and master percussionist Bill Summers (Los Hombres, Caliente, Quincy Jones), …

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Handling Criticism and Rejection As A Musician

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If you post anything as a musician, you’ll see at least one of the following comments: GO SCREW YOURSELF! it was aight but it needs more bass man for real. be sure to come check out my remix of X song for that bass if you want. you sound like a ripoff of jay-z and pink floyd. typical leftist music, president …

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Of The Music Business – Part 1

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“You’ve got to learn your instrument. Then, you practice, practice, practice. And then, when you finally get up there on the bandstand, forget all that and just wail” – Charlie Parker There is a reason why I have this quote at the beginning. You have to master the basics, and then you can perform. Just like your scales, we need to …

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Overcoming Procrastination – A 3 Step Method

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I’m the worst with patience sometimes. It was even worse a few years ago. I bought a Gatorade the other day and the grocery store next to it serves those economy sized one for the same price. I blew 3 dollars down the drain for a smaller product. Silly William. Most people imitate this impatience, but in different ways and …

Why It’s Hard To Accomplish Our Goals (and how to improve this)

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I know what you’re thinking. Another how-to article/something to do with 2016 resolutions. And everyone has already posted their goals on Facebook (especially soccer moms, ugh) about how they want to “just have fun this year”, or lose 10 pounds, or stop being weird to everyone. These are lame goals. I chose not to post around New Year’s Eve for …