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Willbot is a Facebook Messenger Bot that grows your audience, nurtures leads, and converts sales, all from the comfort of your couch.

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What Is IWB?

I Will Be A Success is a marketing agency designed to get you a bigger audience, more sales, in the most efficient and easiest way.

How Marketing Is Done

Marketing is pretty simple. You have something you want to share, then you find an audience, and then share it. The most efficient way to do this is through Google and Facebook ads. After we generate leads, we want to nurture the leads and turn them into sales.

The Future Of Marketing

The current state of marketing is transforming. We normally turn leads into sales through email marketing. However, email marketing open rates are dramatically dropping across all industries. Customers have ``email fatigue``. Therefore, a majority of marketing is now thru messenger apps. Instead of reaching your audience by email, you can now reach them directly on their phone through Facebook Messenger.

Customer Avatar

To start our marketing, we have to determine who your target audience is. At IWB, we build your customer avatar. We determine their goals, fears, dreams, and burning desires so that when we create an ad that speaks their language.

Ad Creation

Using our new avatar, we can create a Facebook ad. Starting with a minimum budget, we begin testing multiple angles, images, and terminology until we find the perfect fit. Once we decide on a winning campaign, we bump up the budget to increase reach. Before you know it, you have thousands of new people that are interested in your product.

Customers Meet Willbot

Once people are engaging with the ad, we want to direct this audience to your product. Using one-click technology, once an interested lead clicks your ad, they instantly become a subscriber and go down an automatic sales sequence via messenger chatbot, named Willbot. The customer engages with Willbot. Over time, Willbot tells them everything about you and your company, and slowly sells them over a period of time using personalized messages. And just like that, you have thousands of new leads for any product or any promo your business wants to offer.

Who Created IWB?

IWB was created by me, William Tait :D. I wanted to create a marketing solution that was affordable, easy, and can be used by any company to make instant profits. IWB was created in 2018. Over the next few years, IWB will evolve into a membership platform where more services and perks are added, at no additional cost. I want this to be a one-stop shop for all your marketing and productivity needs. Future ideas that will be implemented:

1. 2019: Google Ads & Chatbot Personal Assistant (Productivity, Motivation, Calendar, and Reminders)
2. 2020: Unlimited Uber/Lyft Rides
3. 2021: Credit Rewards System
4. 2022: IWB Virtual Reality and Live Events

Stick around!

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Features & Benefits

Free Trial

All plans come with a free 14-day trial. We do this because we want to make sure that we are a fit for you and your needs.

No Hidden Fees

One payment a month, simple as that. No hidden upsells - no hidden fees.

Ease Of Mind

This is the magic button where you can get everything done. No hassle and no stress.

Cancel Anytime

All plans come with a 30-day refund guarantee after your 14-day free trial. Cancel or leave at any time, no contract required, and get a full pro-rated refund.

Save Time

It takes years to master Facebook Ads and Chatbots. Instead, use IWB and save thousands of hours of time.

White-Glove VIP Service

We are fanatical about customer service. As IWB grows, we will be unveiling a premier concierge service at no additional cost.

Full Transparency

Want to see how your ads are doing? Want to see where, who, and how your leads are being built? We provide full transparency so you can see everything under the hood.

Save Money

You can spend thousands of dollars as you test ads here and there. Or use IWB and save thousands.

Business Reputation

IWB's reputation is only as good as your reputation. We will promote your company with the highest ethics possible, ensuring trust in your name.

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