How To Be Yourself In The Music Industry

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People are so weird. Last week, I was at this amazing barbecue restaurant and the table next me to opens up their bags, pulls out some ribs, and asks the waiter: “Uh excuse me, can we get some plates? We brought our own food.” WHY WOULD YOU BRING YOUR OWN FOOD TO A RESTAURANT After I wondered how this person exists …

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Interview with Kate Schutt – Jazz Artist and Entrepreneur

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Kate Schutt is truly remarkable, both as a musician and as a person. Multi-talented might not be enough to describe Kate Schutt. She’s a musical triple threat: guitar-wonder, singer-songwriter, and producer-arranger. She’s also an over-achiever: a lifelong athlete, Schutt played Division 1 Women’s Ice Hockey and Lacrosse at Harvard, while graduating Magna Cum Laude in English Literature. While there, she attended …

How Musicians Can Get Higher Pay For Live Shows

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I think musicians, more than any other profession, have this masochistic pleasure to accept shit pay for their talents. In fact, most are BEGGING to play for free. They say things like “It’s just the way it is” or “I’ve gotta pay my dues” or “I just do it for the music, man”. No one ever say these things again …

How To Increase And Automate Your Gigs

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It seems as if everyone has a top ten list on how to do something these days. Top ten ways to write a country song, top ten ways to break into the music industry, or top ten life hacks on how to eat a cupcake. “Hey everyone did you know if you cut the bottom of a cupcake and stack it on …

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The Myth Of The Overnight Success

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“To the extent that we believe we can skip steps, avoid the process, magically gain power through political connections or easy formulas, or depend on our natural talents, we move against this grain and reverse our natural powers. We become slaves to time – as it passes, we grow weaker, less capable, trapped in some dead end career. We become …