How To Change Your Life In 5 Minutes

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I know what you’re thinking.

“What a completely B.S. title. There is NO WAY you can change your life in 5 minutes.”

Let me guess, I need to…

1. Meditate, right? I need to find my inner self? 
2. Eat healthier and exercise more?
3. Just love more people? 
4. Just “work harder”?
5. Just need to “figure things out”?

And I’m not even talking about music. Should I –

– Network more?
– Promote more?
– Build my “brand”?
– Watch the “industry” trends?
– Play more live shows?

All of these are good ideas, no doubt.

But, fundamental change comes from within, not external.

If we decided to do all of this stuff at one time, we would be a total mess, both inside and out.

I know this because I did these same things. 

Whenever I first tried to accomplish something, this is what always happened: 

– Start something
– Get SUPER motivated
– Research everything I could on the topic
– Let everyone in the world know I was about to start doing X thing
– Map, gameplan and strategize
– Meet with other like minded people
– Finally take the first step
– Realize it’s much more difficult than expected
– Rationalize excuses after 3 days
– Quit passively

Until this idea became a distant memory that I never fully quit and never fully started back up.

And then I realized something: motivation is an emotion, like hunger.

Just as fast as you curb hunger with a burger, you curb motivation with the slightest bit of inspiration.

In fact, motivation and inspiration is an emotion designed for us to get out of bad situations instantly and fast for survival.

It’s not designed to last very long because our adrenal glans and bodies can’t physically withstand it.

Just as fast as we overcome hunger or a grudge, the same is true for your ideas and ambitions.

Motivation is just another form of emotion that lives alongside happy, sad, and meh.

Instead, at IWB, we focus on discipline, systems, and working through the pain.

I know your first thought when reading that is of hardship, boring discipline, degrading pain, and blood sweat and tears.

But that’s not true.

We develop mental toughness because working through the pain is what ACTUALLY makes you happy.

Why? Because while motivation and inspiration leaves you in the dust as if it never knew you – discipline and systems are there to comfort and listen to you.

“BUT WILLIAM – I don’t have NAVY Seal Team government trained execution. What do I do?”

No problem. You are just like everyone. Including me.

I’m not special. I learned how to develop discipline through many setbacks, failures, and errors.

Discipline does not come from jumping in it like a pool. It usually comes in three phases:

1. Motivation stage – We yo-yo back and forth and we allow ourselves to be controlled by our emotions.
2. New discipline – We don’t know how to be disciplined and so we try it out, only for it to last a few days.
3. Reliable discipline – We’ve overcome the first two stages and we can now direct the discipline to how we want it.

But, what if I told you that you could develop discipline to follow through your goals? It could land you:

– High paying, quality gigs (arenas)
– More fans
– More sales
– A lifestyle free of bills
– A lifestyle where you can travel anywhere and do whatever you want
– A lifestyle where you can meet your friends at 2:30PM for lunch just for the hell of it

Well you can do all of this from one simple action which can fundamentally change your entire life, and that is…

Raise your standards

Is it that simple? Yes.

By raising your standards, you instantly decide what it is you do, who it is you associate with, and ultimately, what you become.

By raising your standards, you can instantly break from a cocoon of self-limitations and reinvent yourself to how YOU see fit.

That self-cocoon is something that was built over decades, from family, friends, teachers, peers, gigs, and jobs and can easily be shed away in 5 minutes.

Once you raise your standards, you begin to say no. Especially to:

– Wasting time with stuff, people, distractions, temptations, or activities that don’t benefit you
– Begin to believe in yourself, no longer yo-yoing between ideas, half goals, and half projects
– Work through the pain and enjoy living there, realizing that complacency is more painful

All of a sudden, discipline is not something that is forced, but is acted upon naturally because your self-belief of your own identity is radically improved.

Once you raise your standards, set a date and time and before you know it, you will begin to love being organized, disciplined, and focused.

You become a different person.

Tell me, what would be your perfect self? Get descriptive and send me an email of your new standards that you demand in life. Go big and crazy.


  1. Love your hustle, William.

    “The most important choice you can make is what you choose to make important.”
    –Michael Neill

    Another way of saying “raise your standards” is saying “choose.”

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