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How To Find People That Will Listen To Your Music

In Business Mastery by William Tait5 Comments

Do you ever get this strange feeling that someone is watching you? Maybe I’m crazy (don’t answer that), but I do. I hope they don’t watch me too closely because that’ll get weird very fast. I’ll have to scare them away by walking out to the van in suspenders and a buckwheat hat –  “HEY YALL HOW YALL DOIN” *van …

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The Easiest Way To Build Your Audience Online

In Business Mastery by William Tait2 Comments

Some of the most common questions I get on a daily basis are: How do I market my music online? How do I go viral? Why are you so sexy and how can I be more like you? Ok, maybe that last part isn’t true. But, these are honest questions and I love getting them. I get to do my passion: helping …

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The 3 Step No B.S. Guide To Marketing Your Music

In Business Mastery by William Tait3 Comments

I have a friend who markets his music by literally posting a song 5 times in a row with a “Please listen to this, you’ll like it :)”. It kinda creeps me out to be honest, especially with that weird smiley face. Not only that, but it’s lazy. When people talk about marketing, you think of things like: Post it on …

How Musicians Can Get Higher Pay For Live Shows

In Business Mastery by William Tait1 Comment

I think musicians, more than any other profession, have this masochistic pleasure to accept shit pay for their talents. In fact, most are BEGGING to play for free. They say things like “It’s just the way it is” or “I’ve gotta pay my dues” or “I just do it for the music, man”. No one ever say these things again …

How To Increase And Automate Your Gigs

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It seems as if everyone has a top ten list on how to do something these days. Top ten ways to write a country song, top ten ways to break into the music industry, or top ten life hacks on how to eat a cupcake. “Hey everyone did you know if you cut the bottom of a cupcake and stack it on …