Build Your Audience With Facebook Chatbots & Ads

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Customer Avatar

Using Facebook Audience Insights, we can analyze and build your customer avatar. We can determine the specific demographics, likes, education level, income levels and much more. We then build an avatar, like a cheat-sheet, for you to have.

Ad Creation

Using our new avatar, we can create a Facebook ad. Starting with a minimum budget, we begin testing multiple angles, images, and terminology until we find the perfect fit. Once we decide on a winning campaign, we bump up the budget to increase reach. Before you know it, you have thousands of new people that are interested in your product.

New Customers

Once people are engaging with the ad, we want to direct this audience to your product. Using one-click technology, once an interested lead clicks your ad, they instantly become a subscriber and go down an automatic sales sequence via messenger chatbot. And just like that, you have a potential new customer.

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